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Knitting Machine Adapter for Sentro 22, Sentro 40, Sentro 48

Knitting Machine Adapter for Sentro 22, Sentro 40, Sentro 48

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Order Your Universal Knitting Machine Crank Adapter Today!

Elevate your knitting experience with our Universal Knitting Machine Crank Adapter, a must-have accessory for avid knitters and crafting enthusiasts. Designed with precision and compatibility in mind, this adapter is a game-changer for users of popular knitting machine brands such as Sentro, Jamit, Loops and Threads, Miaoke, Prym, and Rabbit.


      Key Features:

  • Wide Compatibility: Fits an extensive range of knitting machines, including Sentro (22, 40, 48 needles), Jamit (22, 40, 48 needles), Miaoke (48 needles), Loops and Threads (40 needles), Knit Quick (40 needles), Prym Maxi (44 needles), and Rabbit (22 needles). This universal design ensures that no matter your machine, our adapter is the perfect fit.


  •  Alleviates Physical Strain: Our adapter significantly reduces the physical effort required when using standard handles, like those on Sentro machines. Say goodbye to shoulder pain and the exhaustion of manual cranking.


  • Effortless Installation: Comes equipped with a 1/4" hex bit that easily attaches to any standard screwdriver. This feature guarantees a quick and easy setup, freeing you from the hassle of searching for extra tools or parts.


  • Enhanced Knitting Experience: Designed to optimize your crafting, this adapter simplifies the knitting process, providing a more comfortable and efficient experience, and allowing you to focus on creating beautiful knits.


  • Environmentally Friendly Material: Crafted from eco-friendly plastic, this adapter is not only durable and long-lasting but also a sustainable option for conscious crafters, setting it apart from conventional 3D-printed alternatives.


      Why You Need This Adapter:

  • Say goodbye to the complexity of handling multiple adapters for different machines.
  • Embrace a more sustainable approach to your knitting accessories.
  • Enjoy a universally compatible tool that caters to a wide range of knitting machines.
  • Upgrade to a hassle-free knitting process with easy crank operation.

Ideal for both personal use and as a thoughtful gift for knitting enthusiasts, our Universal Knitting Machine Crank Adapter stands out as an indispensable tool in machine knitting. Upgrade your crafting toolkit today and experience the difference in comfort and efficiency!
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Mara Bernier

As announced

Shany Pouros

As in the description

General Rutherford

Everything is OK-I honestly recommend.
The item fits the device, in addition, fast delivery and quality determine that it is worth buying👍

Ethelyn Pouros

Product corresponding to my expectations

Odell Mayert

The best I 've bought this month